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I can't over emphasize how important cleaning is.  Even if the piece seems clean - lets say you bought something from Ikea, removed it from its packaging and you are ready to paint.  STOP.  Even items that look clean have some element on it that can interfere with your beautiful paint job.

Dixie Belle White Lightning is a TSP based cleaner that works wonders on cleaning dirt, grime and grease from surfaces.


How to Use

The best way to use White Lightning is to use a 32 oz spray bottle.  Add a tablespoon of White Lightning granules and fill the bottle with hot water.  Shake the spray bottle vigourously to enable the granules to dissolve.  Now you are ready to start cleaning. 

Spray your piece throughly and wipe the dirt away with a cloth.  Continue until you have covered the entire surface.  When you are done.  Rinse the piece with a clean cloth - dampened with water.  For extremely solied pieces, repeat the entire cleaning process.

Allow the surface to completely dry before painting.

Use gloves.

PRO TIP: Make sure the surface completely dries before painting.

For a large piece, use a bucket with hot water.



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