Color Guide

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint
Color Guide

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is non toxic, self leveling (no streaks), with amazing coverage (you'll use very little paint).  It's available in multiple sizes except where noted: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz. Following is a description and a link to view/purchase each color.

Download the PDF here.

Category Color Name Description
Purple Amethyst   Rich, deep purple. Bold jewel tone color.  
This is a deep, saturated hue that exudes a sense of opulence and sophistication. 
Dark Blue Antebellum Blue   Dark teal - it is a very rich color.  It embodies a sense of peacefulness and calmness.
Orange Apricot   Pale pastel orange with hints of pink.  It's a very light color - lighter than the apricot fruit.
 (Only available in the 4oz size.)
Purple Aubergine  Dark eggplant purple. Very elegant and royal color. 
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Red Barn Red   Warm, deep red.  Vibrant color - very cheerful. It's a bold and striking color that evokes a sense of rustic charm and nostalgia.
Light Blue Blueberry   Periwinkle blue with a gray undertone. Tranquil color.  It's a cool & calming hue.
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Dark Blue Bunker Hill Blue   Dark indigo blue. A very crisp color.  
It adds a touch of refinement & sophistication, making it a favorite among those seeking a classic & timeless look.
Brown Burlap   Natural, earthy tone that is reminiscent of the color of the actual fabric. Its a medium toned tan. 
White Buttercream  
Warm and creamy off-white color that resembles the shade of traditional buttercream frosting.  The hue is white with a slight yellow undertone. 
Black Caviar  Caviar is a true, matte black that is very sophisticated & elegant. The hue is rich and dramatic velvety black color.
Brown Chocolate   Delectable rich and creamy brown. Think sweet melted chocolate.
Dark Blue Cobalt Blue   Vibrant and electrifying blue. Vivid and bright.
L Brown Cobblestone New cottage collection - Light brown. A weathered stone hue.
Brown Coffee Bean  Rich dark brown with black. Deep espresso color.
Green Collard Green   Rich, dark green with black undertones.  Smooth dark color with an earthy feel.
Yellow Colonel Mustard   Retro, goldenrod yellow.  It's a vivid color with electric energy.
Coral Cottage Door New cottage collection - Warm dusty coral.
White Cotton Our purest & brightest white.  Perfect for a clean and classic look.
L Green Cucumber Ice New cottage collection - White with a whisper of green.
Yellow Daisy   Bright and vibrant yellow. Sunny color.
Light  Blue Dixie Belle Blue   Classic sky blue color. Bright but soothing.  
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Gray Dried Sage   Soft gray with green undertones - soft neutral tone.
Light Gray Driftwood   A very light gray.  Soft, soothing and serene color.
White Drop Cloth   Stylish linen white with a touch of warmth. It's a very neutral color.
Light Blue Dusty Blue  Soft & muted shade of blue that has a subtle, smoky quality. It's a versatile color that can range from a pale, almost grayish blue to a more saturated, denim-like blue.
M Green English Ivy New cottage collection - Muted green - like  a crisp fall forest with gray undertones. A earthy hue.
Green Evergreen Bold and clean green.  Bright and refreshing color.
Green Farmhouse Green Delicate, springy green color with yellow undertones. 
Orange Flamingo   Bright coral with orange and pink tones. Energetic color.
Orange Florida Orange  Eye-catching, bright orange. Citrus color. 
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
White Fluff   Soft white with a slight gray undertone.
Light Brown/Grey French Linen  Light taupe which is a warm mix of brown and gray.  It is a very peaceful color.
Dark Gray Gravel Road   Warm dark gray. 
Light Blue Haint Blue   Light, airy, pastel blue.  A very cool & relaxing color.
Green Holy Guacamole   Muted green with a brown undertone. Very earthy - think avocado dip. 
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Red Honky Tonk Red   A true red. A very lively color.
Med Gray Hurricane Gray   Medium gray - a stormy color.
Dark Blue In the Navy  Dark navy blue - its a very rich color like the deep sea..
Green Kudzu   Natural green. It is a rich, deep shade of green with a touch of yellow, inspired by the lush, leafy vines of the kudzu plant. This color is bold & vibrant, yet still maintains a sense of natural elegance and sophistication.
Yellow Lemonade   Light and airy yellow.  Pale but zesty. Think fluffy meringue pie! 
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Green Limeade  Airy, light green. Zesty, vibrant color. Think spring time!
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Purple Lucky Lavendar   Soft & delicate pastel shade of purple that has a touch of pink/ mauve undertones. It's a feminine & romantic color that creates a sense of calm and tranquility.
Light Gray Manatee Gray  Light gray with soft blue undertones. A very cool & refreshing color.
Dark Gray Mason Dixon Gray   Charcoal gray with lavender undertones.  A very relaxing color.
Dark Blue/Green Mermaid Tail  Mix of green and aquatic blue blend. Inspired by creatures of the ocean.
Black Midnight Sky   Dark blue black. 
Green Mint Julep   Light green with yellow under tones. Soft green.
Brown Mud Puddle   Rich, creamy taupe with a hint of gray. 
Red Muscadine Wine   Dark red with dark purple undertones. Muted wine color. 
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Green Palmetto   Dark, rich & luscious green inspired by palmetto plants. 
Med Blue Peacock   True teal. A very vibrant color.
Pink Peony   Bright, hot pink. Bold color.  Think blooming flowers - it's a very cheerful color.
Brown Pine Cone   Milky, chocolate brown. Warm, earthy color.
Pink Pink Champagne  Pale, delicate pastel pink.  It's a very soft & peaceful color.
Pink Plum Crazy   Deep shade of pink with a hint of purple. A raspberry hue. Rich & royal color reminds us of exotic orchid flowers.
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Light Blue Pure Ocean   Bright, vibrant teal. A very cheerful color.
Brown Putty   Warm and muted taupe with a yellow undertone.  Warm & cozy look.
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Yellow Rebel Yell-ow Soft and cool  vintage yellow. Soft yet cheerful color that will brighten up any room of your home.
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Red Rustic Red   Dark red with black and dark brown undertones. 
Orange Rusty Nail  Burnt orange.  A very strong color.
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Light Gray/Brown Sand Bar Light tan. Neutral color. Think coastal - the color of sand.
Light Blue Savannah Mist  Light blue with gray undertones. Cloudy color - perfect for a coastal look.
Light Brown/Beige Sawmill Gravy Smooth beige/brown mixed w/ the softness of white. Very neutral color.
Light Green Sea Glass  Light green with a hint of blue. Color inspired by the smooth, frosted glass pieces that wash up on the shore of the beach.
Lilac Secret Path New cottage collection - Light dusty lilac.
Pink Soft Pink   Light pink. Dainty color.  A serene pink - think satin ballerina slippers.  Delicate and gentle color that is often associated with femininity, sweetness, and innocence.
Green/Gray Spanish Moss   Mix of green and gray. Earthy, succulent color.
Dark  Blue/Gray Stormy Seas   Blue gray with green undertones. Very calming color.
Pink Tea Rose   Soft rosy pink with a hint of tan. Gentle, vintage hue. Think 
muted mauve.
Orange Terracotta  Warm and earthy muted orange.  Think clay pots. 
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Light  Blue The Gulf   Soft turquoise - coastal color.
Green Tree Frog   Truly a classic and rich green. Think rain. forest.
(Only available in the 4oz size.)
Light  Blue Vintage Duck Egg   Light blue with a hint of green and gray.  It is a very tranquil shade of blue.
Soft Green Weeping Willow New cottage collection - Soft green like a weeping willow.
Dark Blue Yankee Blue   Navy color with gray undertones.  Cool and coastal.
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Download the PDF here. 


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