TRANSFERS - How to apply decor Transfers

Transfer Beautiful Images on to Your Furniture

Transfer an image or artwork to your furniture, walls, fabric or other surfaces.

Use our Prima Image Transfers to EASILY add a beautiful hand painted look and instant style to your projects.

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Transfers are pressure sensitive and you apply them by rubbing them onto the surface. 

To protect a transfer that will be heavily used – like a table – you can seal it with wax or other quality water-based sealer.


  • Transfers are very easy to use. 
  • You can cut them to move around the design or use pieces on separate projects.
  • You can overlap transfers – layer with multiple designs.
  • You can distress the transfers by lightly sanding them.


Preparation is key.

Make sure your surface is clean and dry.


Package contents

Each transfer consists of two sheets, one is the matte release paper and the other is the printed adhesive transfer itself.  Also included is a wood application tool which rubs down the design onto the surface.

How to Transfer Images  

  • Make sure the surface is clean & dry – free from dust, dirt and/or grease.
  • With the release paper still attached, measure and experiment where you intend to place your transfer image.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Do not remove the white backing until you are ready to mount the transfer. It has a light adhesive and It could collect dust or worse yet, it may stick to something you did not intend.
  • Once you have selected the positioning, carefully peel the white protective backing off the image and discard it.
  • Now gently place the image where you would like it to go and use your hand to smooth it down. Be Careful – on some surfaces, like glass, the transfer will stick instantly so make sure it is laid exactly where you want it.
  • Use low tack tape to hold the image in place (just a few pieces will do.)
  • Starting at one corner, rub the image with the wooden stick provided.
  • Slowly peel up the clear plastic at that corner to check the adhesion.
  • If the image has not transferred, lay the plastic back down and continue to rub a little more vigorously. Keep doing this – each time checking the adhesion as you go until every bit of the design has transferred off the plastic onto the surface.
  • Pro Tip: You will find that you will spend a little more time rubbing the edges of your image and also small/fine detail such as words.


  • Lay your hand flat over the design and rub gently to make sure the design has laid flat to the surface and no bits are sticking up.
  • If the piece is not going to be used in a high traffic area, you don’t have to seal it. (Note: Personally, I always seal my pieces.)
  • Seal your surface with a water-based wax or polycrylic sealer. (Optional)
  • It’s easy and fun.

To see a transfer application in action, visit our website and click on Videos.

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