SILK COLOR GUIDE: Discover All 20 Silk All-in-One Paint Colors

Here is your color guide to Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint

Silk All -n-One Paint – 20 Gorgeous Colors for the Flawless Hampton Look.

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Color                  Color Description

Anchor               True Black

Baja Gray           Light Gray

Bay Breeze         Nautical White with soft Blue/ Gray undertones

Black Sands        Dark Gray / Black

Cape Current      Sapphire Blue

Conch                 Light Pink

Deep Sea            Dark Blue / Black

Endless Shores   Off White with Gray undertones

Hampton Olive   Neutral Green /Brown

Harbor                Light Blue

Nautical              Navy Blue

Oyster                Very Light Gray with White

Quiet Cove         Medium Blue / Gray

Salt Water          Off White

Sand Castle        Warm Tan

Serenity              Soothing Blue / Green

Sunkissed           Warm Yellow

Tide Pool            Light Blue / Green

Wharf                 Neutral Gray

Whitecap           Bright White


Silk Paint
About Silk
Silk provides a very durable and beautiful eggshell finish with a smooth as silk feel.  Enjoy using a paint with amazing coverage that requires no primer or top coat because it is already built in the paint.  It is so easy to get a professional look.
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