TOP COAT: How to use Gator Hide

Gator Hide is a tough top coat that is water resistant.  You can use it for all over protection, however, I put it on all of my table tops.  It gives that extra protection against cup rings and extra abuse from kids or just high usage.

Gator Hide dries to a nice soft satin finish.

The thing to be careful about Gator Hide is that it dries quickly.  So don't over work it or you will get brush strokes.  Once you have gone over an area with a couple of long smooth strokes (dont stop and start - move straight across your piece) leave it alone.  If there are areas that you have missed, wait until it has dried to go over it again with long smooth strokes.

Apply Gator Hide with a brush or many people like the blue sponge.  My favorite method is to use a roller.  It easily gives me a flawless finish.

PRO TIP.  Start with a damp brush or sponge.  However, if you use a roller - do Not use any water! 



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NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, Gator Hide is not available at present.  We will update the links as soon as it is back in stock.



Cella Nelson
Georgia Vintage