SILK: What is Silk All-in-One Paint?

What Is It?

Conch - Silk Paint

Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint  is a brand new paint line from Dixie Belle offering a beautiful and highly durable silky finish. 

With a stain blocking primer and top coat (sealer) built-in, it creates an easy way for anyone to create a professional finish.  The look is a flawless Hampton style vs the Farmhouse look which can be achieved with Dixie Belle's Chalk Mineral Paint. 

Very Versatile Paint

Apply Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint to wood, walls, and doors.  For really slick surfaces such as formica, glass, tile or metal, use Dixie Belle's primer, Slick Stick as a base coat.

No Harmful Toxins

Standard with Dixie Belle,, Silk also contains no Vocs or harmful toxins.  So you can paint inside without harmful fumes.

Water Resistant

Silk's finish is water resistant and also resistant to grease and mildew.  As a result, it is perfect for kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.

Silk comes in 20 amazing colors.

What is it made of?

Acrylic water based paint with resin for extra durability.

Steps to Silk

1. Clean (Muy importante!)

Cleaning is essential to any paint project.  Thoroughly clean to remove dirt, oil and/or layers of built up polish and wax.

2. Scuff Sand

Lightly sand your piece.  Use a 220 grit sand paper to sand the entire piece  to prep (get it ready to paint.)

3. Paint with a dry brush

Load your brush with paint.  Don't load it to the point where it drips.  But put enough to give your pice good coverage with each stroke.  Make long strokes. 

Self Leveling Paint

Don't sweat any brush strokes.  They will dissappear as Silk is also self leveling.

Do not use water or a spray mister.

4. Drying Time

Silk takes longer to dry than chalk paint.  The resin properties that provide the tough durability take longer to dry.   After your first coat, wait one hour before applying the second coat.  Si;l takes 21 to 30 days to fully cure.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check your piece entirely for drips and remove them immediately while your piece is wet.  If you miss any, slice it off with a razor blade rather than sanding it down.

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