Transfer How To (Instructions)


Transfer Instructions


To Start
1. Apply to a clean and dry surface. For painted surfaces, allow at least 48 hours for your paint to fully cure before applying the transfer (longer if the conditions are cold and drying times are extended).

2. Each transfer consists of two sheets, one is the matte release paper and the other is a transparent paper with the printed adhesive transfer itself. Handle carefully when removing from packaging as it is sticky and will attach itself to a surface you did not intend and you may not be able to move it.

3.  Also included is a wood application tool which rubs down the design onto the surface.  

To Apply

1. Its important to not separate the two sheets until you are sure of placement.  So experiment, lay it out, and measure while the backing is attached.

2. Tape down the top released corners of the transfer to ensure that the rub-on stays exactly in place while doing the transfer. Then slowly and carefully remove the rest of the release paper (white)  and tape down the corner and edges every few inches of the transfer (Use Low Tack Frog Tape - anything else MAY pull your paint off when you remove.)

3. Working from the top to the bottom, rub off the design using the wooden stick provided or a plastic card, ensuring as you carefully pull away the transparent film that the transfer has fully released and none of the small details have been missed. If anything has been missed, lay the transfer back down and go over the area again

4. Once the entire design has been transferred, make any touch ups desired and gently smooth down any bubbles or edges by rubbing gently with a soft cloth.

To Remove A Transfer:
If you ever need to remove your transfer, gently scrape off with a smooth edge tool. It may also help to soften the adhesive by blow drying first.

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